Our Services

Personal Injury Law

I represent individuals who have been injured. This may be motor vehicle related, or there may be some other cause for the injury. In many cases, the law allows for recovery of damages. These damages might include loss of wages, medical expenses and damages for pain and suffering.

Insurance Litigation

People must deal with insurance companies for various insured losses. Examples would include disability insurance, life insurance and fire insurance.

Often insurance companies are reasonable and easy to deal with – but often they are not.

I may be able to assist you with these challenges.

Civil Litigation

Our services extend to most legal actions that proceed in the civil courts, including estate litigation.

Labour Law

I have acted for various labour unions, in the private and public sector, for over 15 years. This work has involved collective agreement interpretation, collective bargaining issues, Industrial Relation Board matters, arbitration hearings and applications for Judicial Review and appeals to the Court of Appeal.